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I am writing about me and the love for my crafty work. I will also try to blog about our wee family, kids and new products coming to our shop. Hope you'll enjoy it. Please, be kind as that's just the beginning for me.

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  1. A Special Discount Code to CELEBRATE 6 YEARS in business!!!

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    Hello... hello... oh how I have missed you all!

    Oh gosh! So much has happened during the last few months and I think I can finally say that I am back, recovered, healthier and stronger :) I still can't believe that it's my 7th year in this business! YES! I celebrated the 6th 'Birthday' on the 4th of January and to share my happiness with YOU I have created a SPECIAL DISCOUNT CODE

  2. Boutique is closing down so I have great offers for you in my BIG SALE!

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    Hello my lovelies,

    I have some BIG news but before I will share it with you I need to explain something. As you may have noticed I have a BIG SALE here and at my Facebook fan page (here). After everything that happened in the last year I have decided to focus on the Gift Shop more instead of selling clothes, shoes and PJs for kids. I am not able to go to market at the minute because my back still isn't ok and I don't have so much space anymore... The decision wasn't easy but it had to be done.

  3. Thank you for votes :)

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    Morning All :)
    I just wanted to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who voted for my Nappy Pram in more than mummies competition.  I've finished 9th in the end with a massive 703 votes - that really made my day and think it was a big success to finish in first 10 while there was 37 other entries. I didn't expect it at all so THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!
    It's all thanks to you!