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  1. Boutique is closing down so I have great offers for you in my BIG SALE!

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    Hello my lovelies,

    I have some BIG news but before I will share it with you I need to explain something. As you may have noticed I have a BIG SALE here and at my Facebook fan page (here). After everything that happened in the last year I have decided to focus on the Gift Shop more instead of selling clothes, shoes and PJs for kids. I am not able to go to market at the minute because my back still isn't ok and I don't have so much space anymore... The decision wasn't easy but it had to be done.

  2. Mini Gifts for Babies now in shop!

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    Morning! oh no wait it's Afternoon already :) 

    I have some new products added to the shop and these are perfect gifts for any... New baby! 
    I want to introduce you to our new Range of Baby Gifts which will be The Budget Cakes. I am slowly working on them this week so you have to be patient.

    I really adore the crochet booties so I asked my crafty friend from 'Swirl Crochet' - you can find her lovely page here:  to make me a set of Booties and Tiny Crown which could be a keepsake or used for a photo session :)

  3. Craft Fairs, Stockist... Where you can get our Treasures...

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    Hello All :) It has to be boring to read how sorry I am for not updating my blog to often but yet again I was busy and I want to thank you for it veeery much!

    It's again this time of the year :) Christmas Fairs are starting this weekend for Us. If you want to order something and collect at one of the fairs you're welcome to do so but please message us first to discuss all your needs.

    Now YOU CAN also GET our Baby Gifts from our First Newry based Stockist now! Honeybunch Florist have our Nappy Cakes/Nappy Prams/Gifts!
    You can find them at 75 Monaghan Street, BT35 6AY, Newry and opened Monday - Saturday from 9am till 5:30 pm!

    I am so busy this week because our First Craft Fair in on Saturday! But that's not the last one so don't worry :) 


  4. Christening - New idea to make it special day...

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    Good Morning All :) 

    I have been very busy recently baking, creating and designing last couple of weeks. What I wanted to show you today? One of my non nappy related gift idea :)

    I had a customer asking for a Christening gift a month ago and that's how it started she didn't wanted Nappy Cake but something more like hamper... but she wanted it unique... Now that was something I never made and wanted it to look special! Put my thinking cap on and was trying to put it all together in my mind... then on paper and finally create it :) The hamper looked really good after I finished but I think bouquet is the best part of it - see for yourself...


    christening georgia text


    Since I created this Hamper I have made few more... smaller ones and still have to make another few... People seems to like it :) What do you think?


    christening gifts text


    I really... really... really love making them!

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