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  1. Mini Gifts for Babies now in shop!

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    Morning! oh no wait it's Afternoon already :) 

    I have some new products added to the shop and these are perfect gifts for any... New baby! 
    I want to introduce you to our new Range of Baby Gifts which will be The Budget Cakes. I am slowly working on them this week so you have to be patient.

    I really adore the crochet booties so I asked my crafty friend from 'Swirl Crochet' - you can find her lovely page here:  to make me a set of Booties and Tiny Crown which could be a keepsake or used for a photo session :)

  2. Suki Gifts are here!

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    Morning :) 
    I have great news for you all! I've been approached by a Suki Gifts to become their stockist, which means I will have their products on my website and in my gifts from now on. Excited? I am! Really... the products are fantastic quality and there is such huge range to choose from I couldn't decide. Finally after weeks of waiting for all to finalize I have my first order and it is all lovely! 

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