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  1. Good Morning All :) 

    I have been very busy recently baking, creating and designing last couple of weeks. What I wanted to show you today? One of my non nappy related gift idea :)

    I had a customer asking for a Christening gift a month ago and that's how it started she didn't wanted Nappy Cake but something more like hamper... but she wanted it unique... Now that was something I never made and wanted it to look special! Put my thinking cap on and was trying to put it all together in my mind... then on paper and finally create it :) The hamper looked really good after I finished but I think bouquet is the best part of it - see for yourself...


    christening georgia text


    Since I created this Hamper I have made few more... smaller ones and still have to make another few... People seems to like it :) What do you think?


    christening gifts text


    I really... really... really love making them!

  2. Hi :) 
    I’ve been thinking for a while what else I can do to make my gifts more personal…. I already make personalised Cakes and hampers but what could I do with the other bits I create? Well… I was thinking for a while about engraving, watched lots of youtube videos  and last week I finally got my first engraving set!
    I was so excited I can give it a go that I tried it on few materials: metal, wood, plastic and glass.

  3. Morning All :)
    I just wanted to say A HUGE THANK YOU to all of you who voted for my Nappy Pram in more than mummies competition.  I've finished 9th in the end with a massive 703 votes - that really made my day and think it was a big success to finish in first 10 while there was 37 other entries. I didn't expect it at all so THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!!!
    It's all thanks to you!

  4. Good Evening all :) I haven't forgot about my blog, just don't have so much time to do everything I'd like... I've been very busy for Mother's Day and Easter so I wanted to thank you so much for all your orders. New babies are coming and it's mostly Boys as I did a lot of blue cakes lately.
    One of the Nappy Prams I created is taking part in a competition and I would like to ask you for help to win it :)

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