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Mini Gifts for Babies now in shop!

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Morning! oh no wait it's Afternoon already :) 

I have some new products added to the shop and these are perfect gifts for any... New baby! 
I want to introduce you to our new Range of Baby Gifts which will be The Budget Cakes. I am slowly working on them this week so you have to be patient.

I really adore the crochet booties so I asked my crafty friend from 'Swirl Crochet' - you can find her lovely page here: https://www.facebook.com/swirl.crochet  to make me a set of Booties and Tiny Crown which could be a keepsake or used for a photo session :) Later I've decided to make small cakes with them on top and here they are: 

'Tiny Heart Nappy Cakes'


mini hearts cakes text


What is your opinion? Like it?

Let me know and if you would like to get one of these just click the 'Shop' icon.

Thank You and Enjoy ;)


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