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February.... Missed Valentine's Day...

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Hi all! I haven't been here for a while but was a bit busy with orders and home stuff... It was first year that I didn't advertised my Valentine's Gifts and only made few for my returning customers. Not that I didn't want to... I love making gifts but Valentine's it's DH's Bdays in our house and I had new stock coming too :)  I've been asked to create some unusual gifts for less than £10 so....  I've made few socks bouquets and really enjoyed making them!  What you think? Can you feel spring coming? I do!

yellow bouquet

As for New Stock that you can find at Kate's Treasures shop... it's more every few weeks and more to come again soon!
Now I sell 'Cutey Couture' CUTE girly sets and Boys 3 piece set by 'Rock a bye baby. I also have new footwear in stock: Angry Birds, Spider-Man, Hello Kitty and Thomas (just arrived) - all are fully licenced.
I have also PJs for girls and boys - big and small :) You can choose from Bob The Builder, Minnie Mouse, Charmmy Kitty, Princesses, Spider-Man, JLS, One Direction and Avengers! and again: more to come soon :)

January and February are months for boys Gifts! I am now making another BLUE Nappy Cake/Pram and haven't done any in pink so far this year :) I will add more choice to my shop next month. Now the orders are coming for Mother's Day gifts so watch this space next week :)

Here is an example of the Nappy Prams/ Baby Gifts I create they are really popular now:

mini pram collage

And that would be enough for today DS is now making mess in the living room and DD2 is not well today so I'm taking a break now to play with them a little before DD1 will come from cinema with DH.

'See' you soon and have a lovely Day!

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