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Third Birthday of my business.

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Today is time to celebrate! Yes I know it's hard to believe it but 3 years ago Kate's Treasures was opened for business! I didn't share my story with you regularly so I want to change it this year and write more often in my blog :)
That's one of my New Year's Resolutions :)

The path to the point where I'm now wasn't easy and I had some doubts few times but thanks to the support from friends and family I didn't give up... I've just changed the idea a bit :)

I have learned a lot through the last 3 years, not only how to create all my gifts but also
how to be seen,
how to use social media (and still learning this),
to stay open for new ideas like jewellery making that I started last year... 
to listen carefully  to my customers needs,
to believe in myself as I had some high and lows a while back.

I wanted to take this opportunity and THANK YOU my lovely customers, friends and supporters for everything you did for me!

Someone asked me once:  'What is so special in your 'cakes' and gifts? There is so many of them in our area now... so why yours?'

Well... maybe it's because:
1. I like to use only the products that I would buy myself or I have already tested
2. I use good quality blankets and towels because it's for special occasion/person
3. I try my best to make it as beautifull as it can be
4. I pay a lot attention to detail as it's usually the finish that makes gifts stand out
5. I want to give the quality for affordable prices
6. I'm dedicated to my customers
and because I LOVE doing all these and I AM VERY HAPPY when my customers are satisfied and are coming back to me for more...

You don't believe me? Just check the guestbook with all the lovely feedbacks :)

Thank you... Thank  You... Thank You...
Love you all!!!

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