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Cartoon Characters for our kids...

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Evening all!
Few months ago I've been sourcing new suppliers for Kate's Treasures when few of my customers asked for character clothing... I have to say it was a good idea to listen to them... It started with PJs, nightwear in general, then you've asked for footwear and accessories... now I had few customers asking for gifts :) I really like this option that you as customers have your say on what is worth to get in my shop.
As next orders and concepts are coming each day I had a wee think about the cartoon characters in our kids life...

As you know I am a mum to 3 wonderful chidren. My kids are now nearly 8, nearly 4 and nearly 2 :)
Aneta is 8 in Dec and she LOVES!!! Moshi Monsters, Power Rangers (don't ask lol) and SpongeBob :)
Marta is 4 in Dec and her favourites are Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty and of course Princesses, Fairies and Mermaids :)
Adam is to little to know what he loves but he likes watching Mickey Mouse Club House and Handy Manny. He likes to take Daddy's screwdriver and is trying to fix anything in our house :)

So what really is so important that children go crazy about their favourites? Is it 'healthy' for them?  Our children emphatize with them, dress, walk, talk and even behave like them. They all have dreams about playing with their new 'friends', they want clothes with them, they want Themed Birthday Parties and cakes...   We can buy food with the pictures attracting like a magnet and they just NEED 'THIS' candy, bar or chrisps...

My girls are so excited when they get something new even if it's Hello Kitty Bedding or stickers (yes stickers are the winner all the time!) I don't have to say how happy my daughter was to get Moshi Monster trolley set? She couldn't thank enough especially as it was a surprise for her - she was screaaaaming with joy:)

Because Christmas is coming soon and people want to give something unusual I created character cakes and it was a HIT! Hello Kitty Cake and Princess Cake were really appreciated by little girls...

I'm not saying we should spoil kids all the time... characters can help in some way also... My girls have Hello Kitty and Moshi tooth paste and tooth brush, soap, shower gel and shampoo and they love to use it :) They can both go few times a day to brush teeth only because it's the 'special' tooth paste....

What do you think about it? Are your children same as mine?
Do you like the new ideas for children's character themed gifts/hampers? Is it something you would buy?
Is there anyting else your child is passionate about?

Feel free to comment :) I would love to hear your opinion.

To show you one of my latest gifts, here it is: 'My First Princess Blanket Cake' :

my 1st princess

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  1. janmary

    My 8 year old loves Moshi Monsters too - but Skylanders are his definite top toy of choice at the moment.

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