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Wedding Gift

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Hello, I haven't been  here for a while but there wasn't much to write about and I was busy moving house....
Why I am writting now? Well I had a request from my customer on Friday to make her a 'Wedding Cake'. I must be honest I did it only once but decided to have a go with it once more... and I have to say that I loved doing it. I've used Cerise and Black Towels and the result was really gorgeous.
There are 2 Bath Towels, 2 Hand Towels, 2 Face Cloths, 1 lovely candle holder with crystal flowers and a candle and my handmade Wine Glass Charms personalised for Bride and Groom.
I used fuchsia and black ribbon to decorate it, some artificial flowers and small butterflies.
All the best for Moya and Kevin!
So here is my result, do you like it?
Wedding Cake

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