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Pretty 'Bouquet' for your Mum

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Hi, last night I was making some orders for Mother's Day and instead of 'Cup of coffee' I wanted to try something NEW! As cups and mugs are selling really well I thought that I'll make something similar to a bouquet and I can say I'm really proud of myself with final effect.
I've made only 2 of them to check what my customers think about it and if it will sell or not...
To make these I used:
1 Dessert Glass
2 stripy socks that I arranged into flowers (1 pair of socks)
1 wash cloth crafted into a flower
4 Ferrero rocher Flowers made of ferrero rocher and crepe paper
2 chocolate ladybugs
curly ribbons, butterfly embelishments and artificial flowers

and here it is:
haven't done photos from the beginning but some in the process of making
bouquet 1

and then
bouquet 2

final photo of 2 lovely and unusual bouquets:

bouquet 3

So what you think abut it? Any comments welcome :)

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